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Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed Crust?

Just when you though pizza couldn't get weirder... hot out of the oven comes Pizza Hut's new Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Go ahead and let that thought sink in. Someone at the pizza chain decided that what pizza-lovers miss the most when they bite into a slice of pizza is the taste of a hot dog.

But you'll have to wait a bit to take a bite out of this new pizza creation. Currently, Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza is only available at Pizza Hut's UK restaurants.

Would you eat this??? Comment below! 


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Submitted by Tinkerbell on
Yes, I would eat it. I see no problem with it at all. I like Hot Dogs & Pizza. I have made pizzas with hot dogs on top like pepperoni so I don't see why I wouldn't like it.