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Clarks Donuts Finalists - Cast your vote!

Submitted Mon, 07/23/2012 - 1:12pm by Admin

The top 5 logo submissions below have been chosen by Clarks Donuts and will receive a $50 cash prize! 

Now it's your turn to declare a winner. The entry below with the most votes will become the next Clarks Donuts logo, and the winner will receive a $500 cash prize! 

Vote for your favorite using the form beneath the entries.   Official Rules

Finalist 1, Ricki Proper:

Finalist 2, Brittany Fairchild:

Finalist 3, Scott Tenney:

Finalist 4, Thrisha Tobin:

Finalist 5, Amy Hummel:

Choose your favorite logo below!


Cheryl Proper's picture

They are all hand drawn, some are simply using computer programs. And everyone should be proud of the hard work they did, but my vote goes to Ricki.

Scott R. Tenney's picture

Thank you for considering my design, and all of the votes that I have received. They're all greatly appreciated. I also would love to recognize the other designs. They're all original and very neatly designed.

Ricki Proper's picture

dear friends, family, and in most cases complete strangers (shout out to mw's mom) - I cannot tell you how greatful I am to have all of your support. I am truly amazed by the amount of people that took time out of their day to help me toward a goal. Specifically a goal that would help me on my journey in Chicago. From New York to Pennsylvania to Ohio to Chicago to LA - you all truly amaze me. xo

Verna Dennis-Holley's picture

Thanks for the shout out Ricki. I hope you win. Even if I didn't know of you, I still think yours is the best and I still would have voted for you. Good luck on your journey.

Lea Roseman's picture
Submitted by Lea Roseman on

I love the originality of Scott's design. It is very hard to draw hands, and he drew both of them! I think his looks like it took the most detailed work and he deserves to win!