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Keith Urban’s New Single Inspired by...


Keith Urban has revealed a surprising source of influence and inspiration for his upbeat new single ‘Little Bit of Everything,’ which will appear on his new album ‘Fuse,’ due out Sept. 10. The country superstar revealed that he borrowed a little from a 2001 Madonna track.


That’s right, Madonna! Her song ‘Don’t Tell Me’ had a tiny bit of a country influence, and influenced a country artist over a decade later.

“She had a staccato acoustic guitar part in there that I thought was very cool,” Urban said about the song, which was penned by Kevin Rudolf, who is largely known as a pop artist, and Nashville songwriters Brad and Brett Warren.


While the Material Girl isn’t a name that pops up in country conversations on a daily basis, it’s refreshing to see how Keith and his team were able to get creative with one of her songs and to gather inspiration from it.

Keith Urban will get back to touring on June 18th. His Light the Fuse Tour will launch in Cincinnati later this month.

You can listen to Keith's new single ‘Little Bit of Everything’ below! See if you can hear the Madonna influence!