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Outlaws Like Me Tour in Froggyland


The Outlaws Like Me Tour rolled into Froggyland Thursday night April 18th at the Erie Insurance Arena! Danger and I (Jeremiah) were at the show and it was an awesome night! Thanks to everyone from Froggyland that came out to the show. I was able to go back stage and meet Dustin Lynch and Justin Moore – You can see the pictures below!

One of my favorite parts of the night was when Dustin Lynch preformed David Lee Murphy’s hit “Dust On The Bottle” – The crowd went crazy and it was a great rendition of the well-known song! Justin Moore is a true entertainer and he was able to come out and just electrify the audience. The crowd was on their feet throughout his entire performance and singing along to every song! The Erie Insurance Arena was packed with fans of Justin, Dustin, Jon and just fans that love country music in general. It was great getting to meet some of you and spend the night enjoying a great show in Froggyland!!

The Erie Insurance Arena will be closing soon till October and when construction is fully complete – I am hoping that once the beautiful renovations are complete there will be a lot more shows coming to the Erie Insurance Arena! Thanks again Froggyland for making this another successful show in our backyard! Looking forward to the next one!