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Hoppy News: Family gives $500 tips to lucky wait staff

Aaron Collins died at the young age of 30. But he had one request - that his family give a random $500 tip to a deserving waiter or waitress. 

The family had a bit of trouble scraping together the funds, but then The Internet got involved. 

Brother Seth Collins and his family made a video to show donors how their money was spent. It went viral.

Aaron's brother Seth started a Web site, www.aaroncollins.org, to take money to "pay forward" big tips to other deserving servers. At last count, $18,000 had been donated. The family pays for the restaurant food; the Web site raises money for the tips.

"I had absolutely no idea this would happen," Seth Collins said. "At some point, the Internet just grabbed hold."

Seth Collins said his brother had worked making pizzas and had also been a handyman.

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