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Did you say something, Honey?

Researchers have found that long-married couples can tune out the voice of the other. According to a study, published in Psychological Science, married couples who each had been living together at least 18 years were used. Each person was recorded saying a sentence that included a color, number and one of four key words. Each person listened to tapes of two people saying different sentences at the same time, then recalled which color and number went with a key word. People generally fared best when asked to recall what a spouse said. But they fared better recalling what a stranger said when the other sentence was spoken by a spouse rather than by another stranger. Other findings were:
- Husbands were a bit more apt to forget what their wife said than vice-versa.
- After age 60, people lost some ability to focus on a stranger's voice but retained the ability to hear their spouse.

In other words, you start out totally in love, and end up treating each other like TV commercials!!