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Who deserves to win Mr. Froggy's Paradise Pond?

Submitted Mon, 08/19/2013 - 12:00pm by Hscott

Confrogulations to our ten finalists!!! Now it is up to you, Froggyland, to decide who will win the ultimate backyard makeover featuring Mister Froggy's Paradise Pond from Blooming Valley Landscape & Supply!!

Vote below for the backyard you feel is most deserving of a backyard makeover! You can also vote for your favorite at the Blooming Valley Landscape & Supply, LLC booth at the 69th Annual Crawford County Fair! Online voting closes Thursday, September 4th at Noon. The winner will be announced on Friday, September 5th!
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Thanks to everyone who entered and keep jumpin' for your next chance to win big from FROGGY!!

We would love to win the paradise pond for our backyard! My kids begged me to enter us in this because they want a makeover for our boring backyard!!

I don't know that we "deserve to win" more than anyone else that may enter to win. We have done so much to the inside and outside of our home. It is difficult to see the outside improvements because it only involves actual leveling and grass planting. It would be so nice to have a nice comfortable place to sit with our family and watch the kids play in the back yard. We have worked so hard to clean up the property that was probably 40 years overgrown and have yet to replant. We love our home and yard but could really use a little help making it more comfortable. Thank you!!

Life long habit of putting everyone else first and I Believe it's time for myself to get something nice and be able to sit back and relax in a backyard makeover! A froggy pond would be great thanks for the opportunity

I deserve to win the Backyard Makeover because one of the most important things to me is my Home. I believe the Home is the greatest influence on the character of man kind. Landscape is a big element of that aspect. I have accomplished lots of landscaping projects on my own, but with limited funds and health issues, there is still much to do. Therefore, having Blooming Valley Landscaping and Supply create the ultimate back yard complete with Mr. Froggy’s Paradise Pond would be welcomed and “Froggy”.

We moved into the house about two years ago and love the rural location. We often have to work seven days a week so we don't have much time for landscaping. We have made some improvements on the house and the front yard. Unfortunately, when the Bilco door went in, the backyard became a disaster. Please help!

My backyard isn't even about me , it's about my three handsome children . I volunteer for a animal shelter so often times I'm putting others before myself or my home (never before my children ) the fencing that is in my backyard was given to me . Due to the fact the trampoline is ripped and the swing set we just had to throw away because it was old and I rigged it to stay together lol it was time for it to go. You can't see from this photo but my back yard is a mud hole but my boys love to play out there .. I deserve to win this because it would mean the world to Not only myself but my disabled son as well.. With my medical problems and his it's hard to make a nice area for them to enjoy themselves however I do my best!

HELP! We have a 150 year old farm house that we've completely renovated ourselves. We even designed and built a beautiful 3 level deck off of the back of our house. Our 'back yard', however, is a complete disaster! As you can see, we have a hill behind our house that is completely overrun with weeds as is the yard around it. The area is so ugly, in fact, that we do not even use the lower portions of our deck because we simply cannot stand to look at the unsightliness surrounding it. We've even parked our camper in the back yard to try to hide all the mess! I'm pretty sure we've broken all landscaping laws, but we have no idea what we are doing when it comes to landscaping. So PLEASE, we need your help. We would love landscaping that reflects and compliments all of the hard work we have done so far. Words cannot express how grateful we wold be to have the experts at Blooming Valley Landscaping do their magic and turn our unsightly back yard into a space that we can finally enjoy! Thank you so much.

mom, Patricia, deserves a backyard makeover. Twice widowed, she has a large side yard visible to all passersby. It takes all her efforts to keep mowed & trimmed. Years ago she put her energy towards creating her own pond. Many unsuccessful attempts to get the waterfall to flow correctly & several base re-paintings has been frustrating. Yearly floods have made foliage & mulching difficult. She's 68 and discouraged about the "eyesore" in her yard. It would be such a blessing, as she has been to many, for her to have a paradise retreat to enjoy in her later years.

We moved into our new modular about two and a half years ago. We haven't had the time or extra money to landscape our backyard. My husband gets up at 4am everyday and travels an hour to work. I would love to win this for him and be able to take one project off his list. Thank you for considering us!

Hi Froggy, my parents don't know, but my brothers and I are submitting this for them. They leave the radio intercom on in the house while they are at work and we heard about your cool contest. Our parents work very hard & just bought their dream house, so we thought this would be a great way for them to relax/entertain and of course a great swimming hole for us! We love to be outside and this would be a great way for us to spend time together and for future additions to the family! Sincerely, The Frog Dogs! (Reggie, Carlos, Omar)