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Don't Forget The Hen Party !

So I came across this article from Female First as many of you ladies are planning on getting married this summer,don'f forget the hen party ! Also there are do's and don'ts that come with that ! Read on for helpful useful tips ! 

Social media has made our lives a lot easier, allowing us to keep in touch with friends, get news quickly and plan events such as Hen Parties.

As much as social media can be incredibly useful, it can also be quick dangerous during your Hen Party celebrations.

Matt Kirby from comparestagandhen.com has given us some tips on how to use social media to your advantage as well as how to avoid it ruining your celebrations.


Social media such as Facebook is great for planning Hen Parties as it can be easily set up and you can keep track of all plans.

Matt says, “Without doubt Facebook is a godsend here. Create an event, talk to the group and generally use this tool to the max. It will make your life so much easier.”

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone in your Hen Party will be on Facebook so make sure that you’re including them in all the decision making.

Matt says, “There is a real risk of them feeling side-lined if you do not keep them informed by other means too. So, have a plan and make sure it includes everyone on the list. It may be a bit more work for you but it will be easier in the long run.”

We all know that when we’re having too much of a good time embarrassing photos will usually make their way to Facebook in minutes. This isn’t something you want on your Hen Party.
The Hen Party

“Just imagine the upset you could cause by posting a photo of the bride to be with some hunk covered in baby oil,” says Matt.

He continues, “We suggest you follow this simple rule, ‘only be social when you are sober’. Go mad posting pictures of you all have a laugh at whatever daytime events you chose and then leave the social media behind at night.”

The Aftermath

This is the part where you and your Hen’s all look through the pictures from the night before and decide which ones can be shown and which ones are best being locked away forever!

Not only should you focus on reliving the night’s events, but it’s important that you let your friends know how much you appreciate them coming out and don’t forget the thank the organiser.

Matt says, “Facebook is a great way for all the girls to say a big thank you to the organiser. Post fun pictures from the weekend and generally look forward to the wedding.”