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A Scottish brewery claims to have created the world's strongest beer - a 65% alcohol drink called Armageddon. It's proving so popular that there is a two-week wait for delivery - despite the $64 price tag for a single bottle holding less than three-quarters of a pint. Created by Scottish firm Brewmeister, the beer is made from crystal malt, wheat and flaked oats and one pint contains an alarming 37 units of alcohol - twice the recommended weekly intake for a man. Brewmeister says the beer should be "consumed like a fine whisky". Brewery founder Lewis Shand said the phrase "delivers a punch" doesn't quite cut it - "delivers a supersonic charged explosion is probably more appropriate." Check it out here! http://www.brewmeister.co.uk/#/shop/4567737660/Brewmeister-Armageddon/3232040