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Flip Flops !

So.... Looking in your closet be honest. How many pairs of flip flops do you own? Have you thrown last years out ? They where your favorite, and you broke them in, but spring is time for new ..New flowers, birds, bees , and FLIP FLOPS !!!!

They say flip flops are the major cause of foot injuries. The spongy sole does not give the ankles or feet any type of support. They also are not any type of protection from objects that may come in range from work to extra curriclular activities. You can't run in them. ( I tried, tripped, it was ugly) . 

They are not considered appropirate to wear in most job settings. If you do not have nice looking feet do not even attempt to buy a pair, and ladies if your toes are not painted flip flops do not look good on your feet. 

Wether they are the latest fashion statement or a trend, I don't care. Il like them and the more bling and rhinestones they have on them the better. Better hurry stores have them in stock now people are so ready for spring you may not be able to find them once the hot weather finally gets here ! I just bought 5 pair in every color ! I'm set !