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How to survive a visit to Santa's lap. (for parents)

How To Survive a Visit to Santa's Lap - from Parenting magazine:
- Do a dry run: Days before, give your child a glimpse of St. Nick from afar. When you come back for the actual photo, he'll be more familiar with what to expect.
- Carry supplies: Snacks and toys are key. Hungry kids are likelier to act out.
- Distract: Put a piece of tape on your child's finger if he gets fidgety. Sometimes that's distracting enough that he'll forget Santa's even there.
- Put his wish list on a piece of paper and have him hand it over. It places the attention on Santa, not on him.
- Be positive: If you prep your child by saying "Don't be afraid, Santa's not going to hurt you," you've introduced a possibility that Santa will hurt him. Instead, talk about how fun it will be, and show your child a picture of a sibling or a cousin perched happily on Santa's lap.

From Danger: A shot of whiskey helps. Not for your child, for you!