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I Was Right !!! Carrie Underwood replacing Faith Hill on Sun Night Football

I CALLED THIS AWHILE BACK ! Somehow I just knew Carrie would be replacing Faith Hill! Did you ?

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Will Carrie Underwood be replacing Faith Hill on NBCSunday Night NFL? Yep. The announcement verifying it comes tomorrow.

NBC Sports will conduct a conference call Tuesday. There will be major announcement about a talent addition toSunday Night Football. It will come around 3pm CDT. I made this post around 3 CDT Monday. By 10 pm, three Country music stations (103.7 The Gator Gainesville, FL, B97.9 Sikeston, MO, Y100 WNCY, Green Bay, WI) all followed my lead and called this.

Carrie Underwood also wrote on the wall of her Facebook fan page today:

Just to let you know, we have some great news that we’ll be sharing tomorrow! I’m really excited about it! Stay tuned…