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New names for Meat!

In an effort to boost sales, the pork and beef industries are retooling more than 350 names of meat cuts to give them more consumer appeal. Justr before grilling season too!!
- Pork chops will be called either "porterhouse chops," "ribeye chops" and "New York chops."- Pork butt will be called a Boston roast.

- A boneless shoulder top blade steak will become a "flatiron steak"

- A beef underblade boneless steak will become a "Denver Steak"

And let me guess...

Rump roast will be called "Derriere roast."
Hot dogs will now be known as "Butcher's Mistakes."

Of course, every recipe in every cookbook will still have the traditional names, so good luck trying to shop for dinner!! What do you think of this?