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New York Fashion Week Fall 2013: Sequins, lace and more femme-bellishments rule runway !!!

So are you wondering what the latest fashions will be for spring ? If spring ever gets here ? Well I have the inside scoop ! Look this summer for plenty of squins and beads ! From shirts to shorts to flip flops. 

Plus !!! Prom season is fast approaching ! Lots of beads and squins have been seen at the New york Fashion Show ! Reported by / FASHION EDITOR

Finally girlie clothes are back in style. Its amazing how the genrations of clothing styles keeps repeating itself ! So don't throw out ALL those clothes you have, as you never know when you may have to pull them out of the storage boxes or cedar chests blow off the dust and wa la your in style again !  Alot of the eyelet styles are coming back and the look of the 50's and 60's is what the look for this summer is heading towards. 

It might be hard to clean out a stall in a pencil skirt so hold on to the daisey dukes and tank tops as those never go out of style ! Hold on to the cowboy boots too !  Keep in mind lower heels are also the trend and don't be surprised if the kitten heel does not make a comeback !

I'm so happy I never throw clothing out . I think I have gone through every fad and fashion there is and the scary part is ..It's time for round three !