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Smartphone hacking ? Is it possible ?

I came across this article from LIGNET ..This is scary if you have a smartphone! 

The hacking into the networks of some of the largest U.S. banks and government agencies has made headlines, but the rapidly increased threat of the hacking of smartphones and tablets should be getting as much attention, if not more. According to a new report, smartphone users are at risk of not only losing personal and confidential information, but also their money, if they do not take a few simple steps to protect themselves.
The non-profit Anti-Phishing Working Group released a study in April 2013 highlighting the threats to devices such as smartphones and tablets. Unlike the hacking of computer networks, which is frequently focused on stealing government secrets or proprietary corporate information, the metastasizing phenomena of mobile hacking is most often concerned with compromising mobile devices as a stepping stone to stealing money from the device owner. Unless mobile device owners take prophylactic steps, they will increasingly be at risk of the loss of both personal data and money.

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