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Styrofoam Cups/containers

So Just how bad is heating up Coffee in a styrofoam cuo in the microwave ? ..  Its debatable....Taken from a question off the internet...

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You're eating poison / exposure to poly-urethane and cardboard containers while heated will leak  chemicals into your food.

Almost any prolonged exposure to poly-urethane and cardboard containers while heated will leak chemicals into your food.

Styrofoam is formed from a process that requires heat to mold and essentially anything which is formed of heat is more easily deformed from heat.

When you notice indentations in the container where the food used to be and may even notice some scorching and deformation of the container where the food melted the packaging.... those chemicals leeched into the food.

Now, it is debatable as to what are acceptable amounts of polyurethanes a person can "safely" ingest and one could argue that what you're describing isn't any more hazardous than the exposre to polyurethanes you're exposed to when entering and breathing inside a freshly painted room, or when you ride inside a newly manufacture car..... but if you knew that polyurethanes aren't easily excreted by your body and that it is still uncertain as to the effects of excessive exposure..... wouldn't you just remove the food from the styrofoam / cardboard every time you could ?

Remember, the world thought DDT and other chemicals were safe until science discovered otherwise and too many people have suffered as a result of chemcial exposure before we conclusively determine the harmful effects.

So follow your suspicion, and warm your food outside the styro and cardboard whenever possible..

Hmmm.. so, what do you think ? I just heated my coffee up in a styrofoam cup.... we'll see what happens