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Why do people do STUPID things like dump off animals in an intersection ?

I am a huge animal lover. I can not stand to see people abuse animlas by any means. It is NOT acceptable. I really would love to find out who the person was that dropped off the beautiful black and white cat  in the middle of the intersection this morning at the intersections of Sheetz, and Kmart. If you can not care for your animals any longer then at least find a home for them. It is cruel to everyone involved to have someone dump an animal in the middle of a street. Yes, for those of you who stopped to look at what a girl was doing in the street, I was saving an animal from being killed. It disgusts me to have that happen to a defensless animal. Danger Frog was kind enough to take the ovelry affectionate cat to the Crawford Humane Society. Look for its picture in a couple of days. 

Shame on who ever dumped that poor cat. She would make an awesome pet. She was perfect here for the three hours we kept her at the station. Please somebody adopt her from the Human Society.